Google Fonts

add the end of this you should have for upload
this page with at least 3 new google fonts
plus a new class, with that class added to the page.

How to Use Google Fonts:
Google Fonts: select the family of fonts that you want to use.
Place the standard inside the in head of all your pages
place the "specify the CSS" inside your css


1. Unpack the zip for Tutorial 6
2. Place inside your Web folder this video

4. You can add multiple diffrent fonts_
If you look in the header of your tutorial 6 - you will see I have already added some google fonts- change out for your own.
<link href="|Sriracha|Open+Sans" rel="stylesheet">

Change them in the css : here

p {font-family: 'Fondamento', cursive;}
h1 {color: #0C248E;
h2 {color: #0E4AA0;
font-family: 'Sriracha', cursive;
font-size: 110%}
.medival-script {gn: center;
font-family: 'Sofia', cursive;
color: red;

4. video - make a new class and add it

Here you will be adding a new class, adding your google font and then using the properties panel to add it to your HTML

a class always has a .period in front of it ex .newclass
and is formated as follows .newclass {}

Add using "properties" in the windows menu.
higlight a section of text then add class.

5. attache to index and upload