Project 4:The History of Art.
Up to critique Weds Nov 15

It is important to understand the history of art, It gives you a basis to build your visual understanding.

In this project you are each given an artist to explore. Your site colors will reflect the palette of your artist. You will do an banner and rollovers that are appropriate.

start with the art story

Your site will have 4 pages-

The home page/artist bio is the bio page.
There name will be at the top.
There will be a written bio about them ( this can be taken
from a website as long as you credit the site on the credits page.)
It will have a least 4 images of the artist work- float left/ float right at least 300px wide

The artist movement will have what artist movement they were a part of- who the group was that they were working with.
This page will mention at least 3 other artists and have at least 6 pictures of thiers float left float right. This should be from a different source than bio and historical period..

The Historical period will talk a little about the time period that they were creating in ( basically between the artist ages of 15-40) ting art and how it would have affected their art. ie: 1916 The Artist was affected by WW1, by having all his painting burned in the bombing or 1967: the youth culture of the 1960 helped develop his psychedelic palette. Put in a couple photos of the time period.

This should be from a different source than bio and artist period..

The credits page have where you got your information,

REMEMBER: You will have to talk about the artist in class, and I will ask questions! So read you information! Do not come in and read off the screen.

1:30 class
Francis Bacon
, Jason
Cindy Sherman,Ryan B
Joseph Beuys, Tyler
Alice Neel, Kevin
Keith Haring,Bryan
Peirre Bonnard,Tyler F
Kiki Smith,Anthony
Marcel Duchamp, Rich
Christo, Kassey
James Whistler, Stephen
Annie Leibovitz Julia
Alexander Calder, Drew
Julian Stanzck,  Connor
Walker Evans, Arica
Banksy, Colin
Maya Lin, Evan

3:30 class
Louise Bourgeois Remington
Andy Goldsworthy J-quan
Elaine de Kooning, Rob
Louise Nevelson,Ryan C
Shepard Fairey Derek
Richard Prince
Agnes Martin , Jason
Jeff koons Ryan M
Cy twombly Shawn
Banksy Connor
Gustav Klimt Sara
Kiki Smith Spencer
Paul Klee Em
Georgia O’Keefe Kyle
Bill Viola Michael
Phillip Guston Ben