Project 5:
Corporate Website

Due at the exam


You have just been asked to design a web site and corporate identity for a brand new company. They want you to do everything!
They want logo design that really says who they are-
and they want a web site that will get the their point across and excite their clientele.

Minimum of five pages
with Rollovers
and a credit page linked from footer.

That's 6 Pages all together.....


For Monday

1.Colors , Fonts and Banner for your Website

Does it need a logo? Look at this site for inspiration!

Think about your color palette.... What reflects the MOOD of your site ? What makes it clean and readable? What graphics tell the story?.
Read this website for thoughts about colors

Use only 4-5 colors for the whole site!

Be prepare to have me ask about it!

Fonts? What kind of Google fonts do you want to use?

Header w/ Logo..... How should this look?

All pictures on this site must be changed at least 3 times!


2. What am I looking for in this site?

Technically- all links work, no untitled docs,external CSS, images in image folder, at least one new rule, one google font, and a rollover change. Spell checked, use of tables, float left and float right.

Visually: color palette works with the site, spacing around images makes sense, each image used changed at least 3 times. Color change on sidebar, footer, header

Choose from this list.....Only can't sit next to someone doing that same site

NOTE: You Get to name the site.

1.Fantasy European Baseball
New baseball hats from teams that don't exists yet. You name them you design the logo.
At least 4 designs and the the designs being shown on the hats, shirts and a little bit about the team

3 Lifeguard dress wear.
After a long day at the beach...You still want to wear your red outfit! what should it look like. Ties, shirts, pants and dresses designed in that red

4. Velvet Paintings are back!
Velvet painting- including a paint by number kit

5: Dress the pugs

A complete wardrobe for pugs