Final Project: Zuni Bear

You have each been handed a zuni bear bead. This is the basic for your website.

This is a Jump-off Assignment-
it's about creativity:

What does that mean? Using the bear, make a website.
Jump off means it can be anything that touches the concept of the bear.

During this semester you have created art with Photoshop, and an interactive website that sold a product. This project can be any or all of these. It can be a poem, sell a product, tell a story, ask the viewer to interact. What it should do is show me everything that you have learned in this class.

Here is your check list:
animated gifs, 
rollover buttons,
new CSS rule
google font.
external CSS

This is a minimum of 5 web pages
+ credits

Technically: It should be a website attached to your page that is 
technically working- i.e. all links running, all the files in right places 
using the right naming conventions.
for all it's parts. There should be no CSS internal sheet- just an attached external stylishness.
no untitled pages!
Visually : It should have good use of Photoshop, rollover buttons, gif 
animation, and hot spots. It should use css, script and use layers.
Every image should have been worked on in 
Photoshop and should be "yours". No Violence! No thought of violence! 
Violence an instant "c".
VISUALLY: Good composition, layout, use of appropriate colors. Visually consistent and 
"makes sense"
Due: at Finals
1:30 Weds 12/21 12:30
Mon 12/19 2:45

at that time all your projects and tutorials should be up and working!