Surrealist Art Project

Part 1:

Here are your themes, pick 1

space is not my friend
I knew there was an elephant in the room
Why is there cheese?
Sleep is a tough ride that happens fast
time has lost all meaning

1. Look at this surrealist art for inspiration.
2. Take lots of photos with your camera- of objects, of people, of places, of textures.
3. Thinks about how you would put them together in a surrealistic piece
4. you may use one image from the web

5. you need to attach a credits page

Within it there will be ( at least two of the following):

Out-of-place unreal scenes
Normal objects acting abnormally
Fantastic creatures

Part 2: Up for Critique

art piece is 1000X800

on the web

we will be using the
download, place inside your web folder
and rename tut2 and rename the css to tut2.css
then reconnect it.