Ruth West
Computer Graphics/ Digital Arts

2nd Floor
Springfield College

Fall 2017
office hours: T/R 1-2, 3-4
M 1-1:30
( By appointment M/W 9-10, T/R4-5)


Syllabus is on Brightspace
Exam Times-Arts 103

1:30 12/18 2:45
3:3012/17 5:00


CG/Major Fall Advisement


Arts 320: Advanced Web
exam time Arts 320
12/18 12:30

class projects 

Checklist for final

week 1:

syllabus and brightspace questions

Syllabu quiz

CSS ZEN Garden

In Class
and Homework for class 2

class 2: Our first web page

week 2-3

class 1: Our first web page

class 1: Our First Quiz

Class 2- second quiz

fonts sizes and choices

Week 4:

Images and alphabet

brickwall text


Homework for Oct 2

Alphabet to J-
make it look like brick wall with a wrapper, container, Letter change, background and transparent png

Homework for Nov 6

 bootstrap video

bootstrap base grid

Nov 6

my first bootstrap site

week 11 Nov 27

corportae bootstrap

week 12 Nov 29


Final site