DOT DOT DOT was born in Oslo, Norway. He first started as a graffiti artist in 1997. Operating under several different pseudonyms over the following years, he decided to step into a more figurative and conceptual mode of art. Around 2007 he started to do stencil art, but has continued to do graffiti. Over the past several years he has become regarded as one of Norway’s leading artists and has become renowned for his distinctive style of classic stencil work mixed with a sense of dark and humorous pop. DOT DOT DOT first gained notice for painting a rat in the town of Sandvika, outside Oslo.pug DOT DOT DOT appeared on TV channel NRK talking about the street art movement together with Martin Berdahl Aamundsen from Kontur Forlag, before the release of the book Street Art water pug Norway Vol. DOT DOT DOT participated at LandArt in October 2012, curated by Norwegian artists Mari Meen Halsøy and Kine Lillestrøm, in Romerike/Gjerdrum, just outside Oslo. In October 2012 DOT DOT DOT together with ARD (All Rights Destroyed) started the ARD*POP-UP Festival in Oslo, inviting national and international artists to decorate walls throughout the city.