Historical Period

The Guerrilla Girls started off during the 1980s, being influenced by previous feminist movements. They viewed the previous endeavors a good success, but they wanted to make their own movement a little more on the lighter side. They started with posters and protests, which they continue today.

Due to the advancement of technology in recent decades, specifically the Internet, their messages are spread much more quickly than before. The Guerrilla Girls have a website and various types of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. The instant access to the Internet worldwide makes everyone so much closer than before. A simple post on their Facebook page or website can tell the world where their next protest will be, updates, or anything they want to share.

Their website has a short bio detailing their history, views, message, information, contact, and much more. While remaining anonymous, they simultaneously increase their notoriety through technology. Interviews are easily accessed, as well as information of their history and even being in direct contact with the Guerrilla Girls.

They also have a store on their website, allowing followers to purchase posters, memorabilia, accessories, and anything else which spreads the name "Guerrilla Girls" and helps their cause. Thanks to modern day technology, the Guerrilla Girls have never had as many followers, and have had their message and agenda spread so far.