Beast is the pseudonym for an anonymous Italy-based street artist. He has been very active on the streets of Europe and United States since 2009, with a focus on stencils at first and nowadays creating digital collages aiming to highlight political and social issues. His caustic and thought-provoking interventions in the public space comment on contemporary celebrity culture and reveal the artist’s obsession to mash up historical iconic images with faces of politicians. His work makes cogent realistic scenarios using lookalikes, the likeness becomes real and the final effect touches the believable.

Beast has produced more than 200 urban installations in more than 40 cities across Europe, United States and Japan. With his ironic and provocative collages, Beast deconstructs well-known faces of politics and the world of entertainment, recreating scenarios to the limit of veracity. His distinguished mash-ups, framed in gold and freely placed on the streets, have quickly attracted the attention of media, challenging the urban audience to question the truthfulness of the information, in a continuous play of references between the real world and the ideal world proposed by the artist. Beast brings new life to famous and other forgotten images in the photographic repertoire of our history, extending the horizons of street art in the folds between the political commentary and a sheer form of art. His true obsession for the icons of our time explores a variety of strategies to define the complexity of the political world, his “open-air galleries” promote an idea of democratic art, forcing the boundaries between the overwhelming vandalism and the urgency of the artistic expression. Beast transforms our streets into his own personal museum, a sincere homage offered to the city and its inhabitants through silent night-time interventions, returning to the early morning lights a humanized version of the indigenous reality.

The political element is evident in Beast's work, even in pieces that depict celebrities such as Ivanka Trump. Beast has produced public artworks that portray some of the most powerful political figures in the world, including Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama in a tet-a-tet, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, along with others, such as Marine Le Pen, Alexis Tsipras and Jean-Claude Juncker. Beast is using the technique of photo manipulation to create his works and the methods of wheat pasting and billboard hijacking to place his works in the public sphere. His public artworks have been captured in a number of cities across the globe, including Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, Brussels, Berlin, and a number of other European cities.