Sophmore for Spring advisement

Fill Out Forms- Otherwise I will not meet with you.

Notes: Remember you need a minimum of 12 credits a semester to receive financial aid.

You are responsible for taking the appropriate classes and passing. Your advisor is just an advisor.

If you do not have 60 credits at the end of the semeter. you will not be a Junior.

1. sign up on Ruth's door the week of Nov 1-12

Compe Prepared!
Printout and Do Your Could- Would -Should Sheet (fill out - using info below)

Print Out and Use Use the Grid to put where your courses are ( don't have it? Downloadable here)
( fill in your classes)

If you have lost it from your DO NOT LOST PACKET:
Printout and check your Checksheet

3. Could Take Courses

In The Major

Arts 120: Contempoary Arts T/R 1-2:15( fufills art history and WAC)
Arts 116: Painting M/W 1-2:50 Contemporary art R 6:30-9:00 ( Fufills art History)

Arts 260: Maker Lab

MORE PEACS..... you should have taken at least 2 pt this time

Look at at least one course that is very hard for you. MATH, SCIENCE, LANGUAGE

Take another Gen ed

Look at taking at least 16 credits. or 15 and a PEAC

You should be at at least 3 PEAC by this time.


4/ Might Take Courses

You might get int Ceramics, sculpture or Photography, but don't count on it.


list of Gen Eds

Course Descriptions of all courses

Look up course times thru MY SC WEB

Check addendum ( to see if anything has changes)