Junior Spring advisement

Fill Out Forms- Otherwise I will not meet with you.

Notes: Remember you need a minimum of 12 credits a semester to receive financial aid.
You want to be doing ONLY 12 credits if possible the spring you go out on internship.

120- to graduate.

You are responsible for taking the appropriate classes and passing. Your advisor is just an advisor.

Do A GEN AUDIT and bring It IN!

1. sign up on Ruth's door

Compe Prepared!
Printout and Do Your Could- Would -Should Sheet (fill out - using info below)

Print Out and Use Use the Grid to put where your courses are ( don't have it? Downloadable here)
( fill in your classes)

Do a Gened Audit!
Printout and check your Checksheet

2. Must Take Courses:

Arts 260: Senior Seminar T/R 10:30-11:45

Finish up your Gen Eds

3.Could Take Courses

In Major

Arts 260: maker lab (T/R 3-4:50)
Arts 120: Contempoary Arts T/R 1-2:15( fufills art history and WAC)
Arts 116: Painting M/W 1-2:50 Contemporary art R 6:30-9:00 ( Fufills art History)

MORE PEACS.....Finish them up, so you will not be trying to do them during your internship.


4/ Might Take Courses

You can get Ceramics, sculpture or Photography.


list of Gen Eds

Course Descriptions of all courses

Look up course times thru MY SC WEB

Check addendum ( to see if anything has changes)